7wizards May Update

Hello wizards,

The next update is finally here.  The update is mostly focused on balancing and updating clans. Here's a list of the changes made to clans:

  • You can now form alliances with one other clan in the realm.
  • You can now surrender when in a war.
  • The fortress no longer increases the max members per clan limit, instead it brings new upgrades to clans
  • Clans are now limited to "7" wizards only.
  • The wait time from switching clans has been greatly reduced to 12 hours.
Updated actions for clans:

Clans with over 7 wizards in their clan have been notified and decreased their member count. All members of these clans must go to the donate page and click the "Transfer Funds" button.

Other updates

The level caps have also been increased for the different achievements in the game:

A new Earth magic ring has been added:

That is all for now, thank you for reading. The next update will be released next month, with more features and improvements to the game.

Update: The update was released but a formal blog post was not made.

7wizards Team


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