7wizards One Year Anniversary + Announcements

Hello wizards,

We have just hit the one year mark a few days ago! We look forward to bring you new updates in the near future. Over this past summer, many of you may have noticed some changes in 7wizards but did not see a blog post regarding the updates. Many of you on the Discord have seen the list of changes that have been posted on the Discord regularly (join the Discord if you have not already).

Here is a brief list of the changes:
  • Can send a new gift to friends so their pet is returned to its cage.
  • Updated shop purchase history, click new button and it'll check if you've used the code or not.
  • Fixed an issue with mana stealing achievement
  • Pets now have levels! You gain experience based on your pet’s level and the opponent’s level.
  • Updated fight user interface for the pets update
  • Your pet can now have a longer name, changed the max 7 characters to 14.
  • Weekly challenges have been added to 7wizards.
  • Added new fights (after the || on the right side), which are exclusively for attacking dragons.
These patches and new features are listed in order from which they were released (oldest to newest).

Now, on to the things to come...

We would like to announce a new rank, "Contributor". This rank will be given to a select few wizards that would like to contribute to the 7wizards Wiki Fandom page.

You can visit the 7wizards Wiki page at:

Contributors are wizards who will actively update the 7wizards wiki page for new and old wizards to help them understand all the mechanics of the game. We will only select a few contributors to help out with the wiki. Contributors will receive monthly rewards for their contributions (membership, gold, etc). 

If you are interested in becoming a Contributor, please message a moderator or admin in the discord server. If you are not selected to be a contributor, please do not hesitate to still contribute to the wiki page.

Also, membership is on sale for all three tier packages for a limited time, custom packages can be requested in the Discord. All purchases help support the server costs, since we do not rely on ads. There is also a free one week membership trial for all users!

More updates will be released throughout the year, if you do not see a blog post, they are most likely being posted in the Discord! (Will take some time for posts to go up on the blog)

- 7wizards Team


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