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December Update & Changes

Hi Wizards! It has been a while since we updated you all. We are bringing out new updates and working on things constantly so here is a summary of recent changes and additions to 7wizards. New Layout We have recently brought out a new layout for the main page, condensing the general look of the page to save space. This layout contains a shortcut menu on the left side, where you will find direct links to the Arena, Shop, Hall of Glory and Mini Games.
Exchange We added a new feature that allows you to exchange crystals for mana. It's that simple! This feature is on the home page.
Meditation completion A few months ago, we brought out a feature that allows you to use your crystals to complete meditations. We are changing it around a bit! Now, you will have to pay gold rather than crystals to complete meditations. New Shop (Beta) A new shop has been implemented with PayPal integration. To view the shop, go here or click the buy gold button in game.
There is also a free trial of…

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